Real NTM Stories

You are not alone. People with NTM lung disease and experts on the condition have shared their stories in hopes of spreading more awareness of this disease. In the videos below, patients and medical experts share facts, give tips, and tell the stories of how NTM lung disease has affected their lives.

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Learn about NTM lung disease from a pulmonologist and patient, who discuss the importance of recognizing the signs and symptoms, risk factors, how to get tested, and ways to incorporate lifestyle changes to help you manage symptoms. Watch the video in full or click on the chapters that most interest you.

This event was hosted by the COPD Foundation and sponsored by Insmed.

Meet Barbara

Barbara’s Story
Barbara's Story

The search for diagnosis

Barbara was a hiker and traveler, always on the go. Her first symptom of NTM lung disease was a serious cough that stopped her from leaving the house. The cough was so violent she broke two ribs. This sent Barbara on a quest for answers that took her to 15 different doctors over 2 years. Learn how her search finally paid off.

Barbara’s Story
Barbara's Story 2

Managing life with NTM

When Barbara was diagnosed with NTM lung disease after 2 years of coughing, she felt relief. She began educating herself about the disease and made some important changes to her life, including beginning treatment. Find out how she overcame the obstacles of NTM and hear her advice for others who may have the disease.

Meet Beth

Beth’s Story
Beth's Story

Getting the right diagnosis

Beth moved out West to enjoy the great outdoors. She was living her dream as a successful spokesperson and nature enthusiast. But she soon developed a debilitating cough that interrupted both her personal and professional life. Follow her journey and learn how she found the help she needed.

Beth's Story
Beth's Story 2

Finding treatment and support

When Beth first learned she had NTM lung disease, she felt frightened and alone. But she made some important lifestyle changes, started treatment, and found a community of support. See how connecting with people who have NTM brightened her experience.

Meet Betsy

Betsy’s Story
Betsy's Story

Searching for answers

Mother. Wife. Employee. Betsy lived a normal life until an unknown illness disrupted it. Her life became consumed with doctor’s appointments, tests, medications, and coughing—all without an answer. See how difficult it was for Betsy to finally get an NTM lung disease diagnosis.