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Real NTM Stories

You are not alone. People with NTM lung disease and experts on the condition have shared their stories in hopes of spreading more awareness of this disease. In the videos on this page, patients and medical experts share facts, give tips, and tell the stories of how NTM lung disease has affected their lives.

The signs and symptoms

Debbie's story

The Search for Diagnosis

Barbara's story

Treatment and Support

Beth's story

The Journey

Betsy's story

A Future with NTM

Debbie's story

Managing life with NTM

Barbara's story

the right diagnosis

Beth's story

Searching for Answers

Betsy's story

The Signs and Symptoms

Debbie's Story

Debbie knew something was wrong when her coughing started to consume her life. With symptoms hard to ignore, Debbie found herself self-conscious and angry. After 15 years of symptoms, she was finally diagnosed with NTM lung disease. Listen to how Debbie found hope when she found answers.


Drs. Philley and Drummond explain NTM lung disease in their own words. Listen to the doctors share important disease facts as well as information about diagnosis, management, and lifestyle changes.

Hear the Discussion

Learn about NTM lung disease from a pulmonologist and patient, who discuss the importance of recognizing the signs and symptoms, risk factors, how to get tested, and ways to incorporate lifestyle changes to help you manage symptoms. Watch the video in full or click on the chapters that most interest you.

This event was hosted by the COPD Foundation and sponsored by Insmed.