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The resources below can help answer the questions you may have, whether it’s finding more information about NTM or looking for ways to talk to people like you. You can also join About NTM Support, to help you stay up to date and give you additional support.

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It’s important to have the most up-to-date information about NTM. If you are newly diagnosed or are on the first step of learning about NTM, you can sign up to receive helpful information, support, and resources to help you along the way. About NTM Support will keep you up to date on useful NTM information and resources, and after signing up, you’ll get a helpful fact sheet about NTM!

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Talk to your doctor or a specialist about your lung condition and symptoms. Ask if getting tested for NTM may be right for you. But starting the dialogue isn’t always easy.

To prepare for your discussion, use the About NTM Discussion Guide to record the symptoms you’ve been experiencing, your history of lung disease, medical history, and list the questions you have. Then, bring the Discussion Guide with you to your next appointment.

That way you know exactly what you want to talk about, and your doctor can have the information they need from you.

Real NTM Stories

You are not alone. People like you have shared their stories in hopes of spreading more awareness of this rare disease. Below are a few videos of real people and their stories of how NTM changed their lives.

Listen to Betsy’s Story
Video: Betsy's Story

Listen to Betsy’s Story

Mother. Wife. Committed employee. Betsy’s life was unexpectedly disrupted by an unknown illness. She began to feel weak, had a hard time breathing, and developed a debilitating cough that prevented her from leaving the house and spending time with her kids. After multiple doctor appointments, tests, and different medications, she had no answers. See how Betsy’s determination got her to the correct diagnosis.

Watch Jim’s Road to Diagnosis
Jim's diagnosis

Watch Jim’s Road to Diagnosis

Jim was retired and doing all the things he loved: hunting, spending time outdoors, and spending time with his wife. But a sudden cough and exhaustion prevented him from truly enjoying himself. When his cough worsened without reason, a trip to the hospital suddenly changed everything. Watch what happened to Jim and how he got the answers he needed.

Hear Donna’s Journey
Donna’s journey

Hear Donna’s Journey

Donna was a devoted churchgoer and attentive teacher. But a cough and shortness of breath made it difficult for her to go out and enjoy the things she loved. Soon, that little cough turned into something much more drastic—coughing up blood. After a misdiagnosis, hospitalizations, and a lot of fear, learn how Donna found out what was wrong.

NTM and Other Lung
Conditions Information

Rare Disease Information

The National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD) provides a unified voice for those affected by rare diseases. NORD has a long history of providing services, financial aid, and running programs to support every member of the rare disease community, patients, caretakers, and families.

Finding a Specialist

If you think you could be suffering from NTM, or if you’ve already been diagnosed, you may wish to see a doctor in your area who specializes in lung disease.